Sicily is an enchanting treasure trove of art which offers majestic Baroque churches and little treasures of sacred art, often under-appreciated.
Theseare votive aedicula: a form of traditional art and an expression of an ancient form of religion in which to place sacred images or icons.
Traditional shrines which move from the streets of the town to homes, becoming a tabernacle for our modern-day objects of worship.
Contemporary objects or visions of a society that has transformed into icons those that were once called sins ?
According to Aristotle,

“every good quality brought to extremes can lead to sin “.

The project from the acronym SALIGIA (also used by Boccaccio) is nothing but the set of the first letters of sins in this precise order:
Pride, Avarice, Lust, Ira, Throat, Envy and Sloth.
These will be explored through the contemporary and personal vision of seven artists:
Andrea Buglisi, Demetrio Di Grado, Giovanni Robustelli, Massimiliano Usai, Alice Valenti, Teddy, Willow.


project – Andrea Branciforti
material – Wood, Laminam
weight – 15 kg
manufacture– handmade in all steps
packaging – 45cm x 65cm x 25 cm
habit – indoor